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My Mind Running Wild: Hello Emma

  • emma: *opening apartment door* oh! tom! what are you doing here?
  • tom: *running hand threw hair* i know its late, but needed to see you.
  • emma: well come on in, have a seat... so... whats going on?
  • tom: i've broken it off with jade. i needed to see you before you heard it from someone else.
  • emma: that wasn't... you didn't have to.
  • tom: i did because i need you to know that jade and i broke up because she realized i was in love with someone else and try as i might i didn't love her enough.
  • emma: tom... you cant just... all this time later...
  • tom: I never wanted to end things with you. i understood you didn't want to keep dating in secret any more and i understood you didn't want us to date in public as coworkers... i respected your wishes, but i never wanted it.
  • emma: tom...
  • tom: emma i still love you
  • emma: ...
  • tom: do you still love me?
  • emma: you have to ask?
  • tom: do you still love me?
  • emma: obviously
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